Barano (Ischia) Map

The greenest town on the Green Island

  • Barano (Ischia)
  • Barano (Ischia)
  • Barano (Ischia)
  • Barano (Ischia)
  • Barano (Ischia)

Barano is an area on the southwestern coast of the island o Ischia, Isola di Ischia tha stretches over an expanse of hilly countryside backing the large Maronti beach. Over the centuries, landslides have created a series of canyons that offer breathtaking scenic overlooks and lead to thermal springs like Cavascura, Olmitiello, and Nitrodi.

Three things to do in Barano

  1. Spend a day at Maronti beach
  2. Have lunch along the coast at Sgarrupata
  3. Relax in the thermal baths of Nitrodi.

Maronti Beach

The center of town is located inland, but the town and area surrounding Barano is known primarily for its large Maronti beach, that stretches over three kilometers of sand and is home to a number of beach clubs and free public beaches. You can enjoy water sports, dine in a number of cafès and restaurants, or take in the thermal springs just behind the beach.

  • Cavascura: themal baths dating from Roman times where you can rejuvenate with therapeutic muds, baths, natural saunas, and massages. You can easily reach the baths by taxi boat from Sant’Angelo (EUR 3) or on foot from the Maronti beach (around 15 minutes). To get to the baths, you need to walk through the canyon carved from the rock for a few hundred meters.
  • Olmitiello: a thermal spring that runs directly out of the tufa rock cliffs that is known to be therapeutic for skin conditions. You can reach the spring by following the stream that runs through the center of the Maronti beach upstream through the hills.

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You can reach the Maronti beach via bus routes 5, 10, or 11.

The Fountain of Nymphs at Nitrodi

The Nitrodi spring that runs from Olmitiello to the Maronti beach has been known for its therapeutic benefits since the third century BC, as shown by the number of votive inscriptions depicting Apollo and nymphs found here and now displayed in Naples' National Archaeological Museum.

There are thermal showers and basins where the waters run in its natural state, with no treatments or additives. Yoga, meditation, and stretching classes are hld here, and you can also book massages, private baths, or other treatments in the adjacent spa.

  • Open: 21 March to 5 November
  • Entrance: EUR 15

The Pine Grove at Fiaiano

One of the largest wooded parks on Ischia is located at Barano: the Pineta di Fiaiano, or Fiaiano Pine Grove, that covers eight hectares of Mediterranean woodland and overlooks a view stretching from the Castello Aragonese to Procida, Vivara, and the Flegrea Coastline. The Indiana Park is located inside this wooded area, a treetop adventure park with climbing ropes and panes, rope bridges, and itineraries for children and adults.

Take bus 6 from Ischia Porto.

La Sgarrupata

The Barano coast descends steeply to the sea, and is home to a number of the most beautiful hidden spots on Ischia, including the Sgarrupata beach, a stretch of pebble-and-boulder coastline with crystalline waters that is difficult to reach by land and is home to the excellent La Pace fish and seafood restaurant. The path to the beach starts at the Chiesa della Madonna di Montevergine in Schiappone, but is only recommended for those who are physically fit and do not suffer from heights. Otherwise, take a water taxi from Sant’Angelo.

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