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Departure from Capri

Welcome glass of bubbly
Fresh fruit
Traditional lancia or gozzo

Gozzo Fratelli Aprea 7.50 and other options...

From € 330 € 350 Per boat | Max 9 passengers

Duration 2 hours 3 hours 4 hours

(175 Reviews)
Capri Boat Tour with Blue Grotto: Open Ticket

Departure from Capri

Open ticket: choose your tour date
Admire Capri by sea
Various departure times each day

Motorized Boat for island boat tour

€ 20 per guest

Duration 2 hours

Free cancellation

(378 Reviews)
Capri and Blue Grotto boat tour from Sorrento-VIP tour

Departure from Sorrento

Small groups of maximum 8 people
Blue Grotto entry guaranteed
Stops for swimming and snorkeling from the boat

Traditional gozzo boat

€ 149 per guest

Duration 8 hours

Free cancellation

(1869 Reviews)

Departure from Positano

Sail the coastline between Positano and Amalfi
Complete independence
Small gozzo boat or rubber dinghy

Rubber Dinghy 5.70 m and other options...

From € 300 Per boat | Max 6 passengers

Duration 4 hours 7 hours

(115 Reviews)

Departure from Positano

A private boat at sunset
A romantic Prosecco toast on board
Drop anchor near Amalfi Coast

Gozzo Fratelli Aprea 7.50 and other options...

From € 250 Per boat | Max 12 passengers

Duration 2 hours

(115 Reviews)

Departure from Capri

A traditional gozzo boat all to yourself!
Visit the Blue Grotto
Swim in the crystalline coves

Gozzo Caprese and other options...

From € 250 € 300 Per boat | Max 7 passengers

Duration 2 hours 3 hours 4 hours 8 hours

(175 Reviews)

Departure from Capri

A number of speedboat models to choose from
WC on board
Visits to the grottoes on Capri

Tuccoli T30 and other options...

From € 250 Per boats | Max 6 passengers

Duration 2 hours 3 hours 4 hours 7 hours

Free cancellation

Capri Boat Tour with Stop to Swim!

Departure from Capri

Dive into the turquoise waters off Capri
Escape the crowds and chaos
Admire the Faraglioni from below!

Ferry boat - Departure 10.30 and other options...

€ 30 per guest

Duration 1 hour

Free cancellation

(378 Reviews)

Departure from Capri, Sorrento

Expert skipper
20-minute sail
Flexible departure

Itama 38 and other options...

From € 499 € 550 Per boat | Max 10 passengers

Duration 1 hour

(175 Reviews)
Capri Boat Tour from Sorrento, Naples, and More
Bestseller Shared

Departure from Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento, Castellammare di Stabia, Herculaneum, Piano di Sorrento, Portici, Torre del Greco, Vico Equense

Choose pickup in Sorrento, Naples, Pompeii etc.
Free time to visit Capri on land
English-speaking skipper

Motorized Boat

€ 69 per guest

Duration 8 hours 8 hours 10 hours

Free cancellation

(378 Reviews)
Shared Gozzo Boat Capri Tour from Positano

Departure from Positano

Boat tour + 4 free hours to visit Capri by land
See the best of Capri with a 7-hour tour
Departure from Positano

Gozzo Shared Tour

€ 115 per guest

Duration 8 hours

(115 Reviews)

Departure from Capri

Cruise on board an icon of Italian nautical design


From € 1,745 € 1,850 Per boat

Duration 8 hours

Ischia Insider: Your Complete Guide

Long stretches of sandy beach, vibrant green hills, natural hot springs, luxury spas, and excellent cuisine that blends seafood classics with inland specialties: Ischia is an ideal Italian destination for those who want a carefree beach holiday where relaxation and wellness are the order of the day.

Ischia is known as “The Green Island” for its lush countryside of Mediterranean flora that covers much of its area.

Where is Ischia?

Ischia is an island off the coast of southern Italy in the Bay of Naples, and is part of the Campania region that also includes Capri and the Amalfi Coast. Set about 40 minutes off the coast of Naples by ferry and just a few kilometers from the tiny islet of Procida, Ischia is the third most populated island in Italy and is connected to the mainland by ferry all year round. You can catch a hydrofoil to the island from Molo Beverello in Naples or a regular ferry from Calata di Massa in Naples and the town of Pozzuoli. Ferris also run to the island from Sorrento, Capri, Positano, and Amalfi in the summer.

Where should I stay on Ischia?

The island of Ischia is home to six towns: Ischia (divided into Ischia Porto and Ischia Ponte), Casamicciola, Lacco Ameno, Forio, Sant'Angelo, Serrara Fontana, and Barano. The most lively are Ischia Porto, Casamicciola Terme, and Forio with its Bay of Citara and the beaches of Maronti. Those looking for a more laid-back atmosphere can opt to stay on the slopes of Mount Epomeo (Monte Epomeo) between Barano and Serrara Fontana. Sant'Angelo is ideal for a couple who want to holiday in a romantic fishing village atmosphere. There is a wide range of restaurants in all the towns on the island, most of which feature fresh fish and seafood or traditional island dishes like the famed “coniglio all'ischitana” (Ischian rabbit).

Best Place to Stay on Ischia Island

Suggested itineraries:
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Which are the best thermal springs and beaches?

Ischia is a volcanic island, rich in hot springs with sulfuric thermal waters gurgling up at different points across the island that have been popular since Roman times. The largest thermal spas are Poseidon, Negombo, and Castiglione. You have to purchase a ticket to enter these thermal parks and access about 30 different natural thermal baths at various temperatures. Free public hot springs are located in the Baia di Sorgeto, where you can also swim in sea water that has been warmed by hot springs that bubble up from the sea floor, and in Cartaromana. The most beautiful beaches on the island are Maronti Beach and the Bay of San Montano.

The Best Beaches on Ischia

What should I see on Ischia?

In addition to beautiful hot springs and beaches, the island of Ischia is home to a number of historic and cultural gems like the imposing Castello Aragonese, which dates from the Middle Ages. The small Pithecusae Archaeological Museum in Villa Arbusto, holds Nestor’s Cup (Coppa di Nestore), one of the oldest surviving examples of the Greek alphabet unearthed until today. You can also visit the beautiful Giardini La Mortella, the Torrione di Forio, and the Chiesa del Soccorso.

When is the best season to visit Ischia?

Tourist season on Ischia begins around Easter and lasts until October. The best time of year to visit Ischia is in spring and September. The busiest months are July and August, when it's warm enough to really appreciate the island's many beaches, but it can also be very crowded.
Most hotels and hot spring spas are closed between November and March, though Ischia does remain somewhat active all year long and the public hot spring spas remain open, unlike other islands in the Bay of Naples.


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What's your dream hotel?

Choose among our selected and reviewed accommodations on the island, with more than 12.000+ dream rooms reserved.

5 stars luxury - Lacco Ameno - Ischia

Luxury, glamour & spa on Ischia

  1. Thermal wellness: the best of Ischia's spa tradition
  2. Lifestyle Regina Isabella: your tailor-made vacation
  3. Gourmet, Neapolitan and island cuisine - with a view of the sea
From € 531
(517 Reviews)

Luxury Villas - Ischia

Ischia luxury at Villa Capricorno

  1. Your private thermal infinity pool
  2. Direct access to the picturesque Spiaggia degli Inglesi beach
  3. Starlit dinners with sweeping views over the Mediterranean

3 stars - Ischia

Nights to remember, inside Ischia's Aragon Castle!

  1. Sleep in a monk's cell, inside Ischia's Aragon Castle
  2. The delicious Southern Italian and island cuisine
  3. The view of the sea and Ischia Ponte from the terrace
From € 200
(366 Reviews)

B&B and Homes - Forio d'Ischia

Your B&B at Forio d'Ischia the combines luxury and refined style in a central location near the sea

Excellent location
Garden and terrace
Newly constructed

From € 166
(24 Reviews)

5 stars - Casamicciola Terme - Ischia

Limitless luxury at the foot of Mount Epomeo

  1. The ultimate in Mediterranean luxury on the island of Ischia
  2. The world-class spa built on the site of the Gurgitiello spring
  3. Food and and wine with wow! factor
From € 164
(840 Reviews)

4 stars - Sant'Angelo di Ischia

A beach house on Ischia

  1. Sea views from every rooms
  2. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner overlooking the coast
  3. Walking distance to the beach and spa
From € 391
(217 Reviews)

Top sights


The beating heart of Ischia


The largest town on the island


From the mountains to the sea


Where thermal waters reign


At the foot of the Castello Aragonese


The smallest town on Ischia