Where to Eat on Ischia

Our favorite restaurants on the island

Where to Eat on Ischia

You may expect that the most iconic dishes on Ischia be based on fresh fish or seafood, but the island's classic dish is instead coniglio all’Ischitana, a rustic rabbit dish that is a reflection of Ischia's rural farming history more than its limited fishing industry.

As the island's flagship recipe is features meat rather than fish, we suggest stepping back from the coastline and instead exploring the inland countryside to find a restaurant of farm where you can sample some of the most traditional dishes. That said, there are also excellent fish and gourmet restaurants on the island, some mentioned in important gourmet guides.

Here is our short guide of restaurants on Ischia, divided into categories:

Coniglio all’Ischitana (Rabbit Ischia-Style)

This is the most famous traditional dish from Ischia, but it's hard to find restaurants that prepare it correctly. For the dish to be authentic, the rabbit used in the dish must be raised in a “fossa”, or an underground warren rather than a cage above ground, and then cooked in a terracotta pot.
You can sample this dish in a few small restaurants and farms on the island, but it's a good idea to let them know you would like to order it ahead of time as it takes hours to prepare. We suggest Focolare, Il Bracconiere, or Taverna Verde.

Fish and Seafood

Dai Tu

Located right on the beach at Punta Molino, but a bit off the main thoroughfare so it's quieter than other eateries. Try the zuppa di pesce (fish soup), with a serving size that is generous enough for two people.

Location: Ischia Porto
Reviews: Dai Tu Restaurant
Tel: +39 081 983093

Da Ciccio

Da Ciccio, one of the landmark restaurants on the island that has been open for more than 50 years. Their specialty is totano imbottito con uva passa, pinoli e pesce tritato (squid stuffed with raisins, pine nuts, and fish).

Location:: Ischia Ponte
Reviews: Da Ciccio Restaurant
Tel: +39 081 991686

Da Cocò

Da Cocò set directly below Castello Aragonese, this restaurant offers simple but delicious dishes. It is a favorite among locals for its excellent quality and affordable prices.

Location: Ischia Ponte
Reviews: Da Cocò Restaurant
Tel: +39 081 981823

Gourmet Restaurants

O’ Pignatello

O’ Pignattello, located on the main square in Lacco Ameno, this small but elegant restaurant was the first to earn a Michelin star on the island under Chef Libera Iovine. The menu features traditional, simple dishes carefully prepared, and the tasting menu begins at about EUR 50.

Location: Lacco Ameno
Reviews: O’ Pignattello Restaurant
Tel: +39 081 5072457


Indaco, the Michelin-starred restaurant at Hotel Regina Isabella serves meals on the terrace overlooking a small bay that offers one of the best sunset views on the island. The menu features primarily fish and seafood and garden products, and the chef Pasquale Palamaro is known for light, fresh dishes. Tasting menus begin at EUR 95.

Location: Lacco Ameno
Reviews: Indaco Restaurant
Tel: +39 081 994322

Maison Daní

Chef Nino di Costanzo's restaurant is the most famous on Ischia, with two Michelin stars and a number of other awards. Located in a historic home on the southern side of the island away from the tourist sights, the restaurant is not easy to reach. There is seating for only 16 guests, some directly in the kitchen, and the tasting menus begin at EUR 200. There are also vegetarian and vegan menus. This is a special occasion restaurant for an unforgettable meal.

Location: Ischia
Reviews: Maison Daní Restaurant
Tel: +39 081 99319

Farm Restaurants

La Cantinola di Zio Jack

La Cantinola Di Zio Jack: this farm restaurant is located near Forio along a narrow and bumpy road, so consider using their shuttle service. Local country dishes with an elegant presentation, excellent pasta with potatoes served in a basket made of pizza dough, and meat dishes.

Location: Forio
Reviews: La Cantinola Di Zio Jack
Tel: +39 081 333 2585

Il Focolare

Il Focolare: head to the hills of Barano to reach the D’Ambra family's farm restaurant. It may be hard to locate, but it's worth the drive to sample authentic home-cooked island specialties. Traditional dishes are updated, and favorites include fresh pasta made with herbs and pork kebabs with a pistachio crust. Rabbit is featured here, cooked in terracotta pots as the traditional recipe requires. Be sure to ask to see the cellar carved directly out of tufo rock!

Location: Casamicciola
Reviews: Il Focolare
Tel: +39 081 902944

Antica Fattoria Greca (la Cantina di Punta Chiarito)

If you are looking for farm cooking but would like a view of the sea, this is the perfect spot. The restaurant of Hotel Punta Chiarito above the Bay of Sorgeto overlooking Sant’Angelo, the restaurant serves just a few dishes, including bruschettas, salads, and pastas...all featuring ingredients raised locally. We recommend this spot for a light lunch or dinner after swimming in the Bay of Sorgeto.

Location: Sant'Angelo
Tel: +39 081 908102

Bars and Cafés

For cocktails: the best spot for a drink before or after dinner is Riva Destra in Ischia Porto. Another option with a great atmosphere and classic cocktails served with light snacks is Porto 51.

For breakfast: Bar Calise in Piazza degli Eroi (Ischia Porto) is the most popular bar on the island, and where everyone gathers for a dawn breakfast after the club. There is also a lovely outdoor garden with live music in the summer.