The Beaches on Ischia - The best 10

The top ten beaches on Ischia

The Beaches on Ischia - The best 10

Of the islands in the Bay of Naples, Ischia definitely has the most beautiful beaches. It is the only island with long stretches of sand, shallow water, and large cove, and is a much better choice if you are looking for easily-accessible beaches (especially if traveling with children) than Capri or the Amalfi Coast.

Beach Club Prices

On Ischia, the average price for a day at a beach club with umbrellas and two beach chairs is between EUR 10 and 15 per person.

The Bay of Citara - Forio

This bay has a long beach with fine white sand and crystalline water, and on clear days you can see the Pontine Islands on the horizon. There is sun all day here, and the best sunset views on the island. There is a free public area and a few beach clubs, including the chic area belonging to the Giardini Poseidon (hot spring spa). This is one of the most beautiful and popular beaches on Ischia.

The beach is located near Forio and can be reached by bus, car, or scooter. There are a number of parking garages and lots in the area.

Cava dell’Isola - Forio

You can reach this beach via a long flight of steps carved directly into the volcanic stone. This is a free public beach, popular among the younger set and groups of friends, as it is not recommended for families with young children as the water is deep and the sea floor rocky. There are two restaurants flanking the beach.

San Francisco - Forio

This beach is set under the lava--stone cliffs of Punta Caruso, and there is a small free beach and a few beach clubs. The water here is pristine, and famous for its shades of blue and turquoise. Like all the beaches along Forio, there is sun here until dusk.

La Scannella - Forio

This private beach club is set on the cove between Punta Imperatore and Monte di Panza, and is ideal for those who want to relax for the day in peace even in the most crowded weeks of August, as the umbrellas and chairs are reserved for guests and must be booked days in advance. There are pools of warm and cool water, private terraces, and crystalline sea. There isn't a beach, per se, but rocks along the coastline...not recommended for children. Entrance and an umbrella and lounger costs EUR 15. You must reach the beach via a flight of 260 steps that begin near Hotel San Leonard, or take a water taxi from Sant’Angelo.

Spiaggia di San Montano - Lacco Ameno

This bay is located between Lacco Ameno and Forio, and is neck-and-neck with the Bay of Citara for the award for the island's most beautiful beach. A vast expanse of sand lined by the tropical vegetation of the Negombo hot springs, with plants and trees shipped in from Africa and Asia. Between the tropical flora and the Mediterranean Sea, this is one of the most unique spots along the island's coastline.

The beach has a public area (with showers and changing rooms) and a private beach club, part of the Parco Termale del Negombo hot springs. Prices for the beach club here are among the most expensive on the island: EUR 25 for an umbrella and two loungers. Entrance to the beach club is included in entrance to the Parco del Negombo, but from the beach you cannot enter the hot spring spa.

I Maronti - Barano

Clocking in at 3 kilometers, the Maronti beach is the longest on the island and includes private beach clubs, stretches of free public beach, cafès, bars, and restaurants. There are a number of natural hot springs along the border of the beach.

  • Le Fumarole: this stretch of free public beach outside Sant’Angelo has steam vents that come up from underground, making spots of the beach hot enough to cook a food that is buried under the sand.

  • Olmitello: follow the trail (not very well maintained) that sets off from the Maronti beach to this natural spring that comes out of the tufa stone cliffsidef.f You can drink the water or take a soak for instant smooth skin.

Cavascura: this natural spring is about 300 meters from the beach, and you can find it by following the flow of hot spring water from the beach inland to the lava-stone cliffs in the hills where the water bubbles out. There is a tufa cave filled with spring vapors where you can take a natural sauna, and a spa with mud treatments, thermal pools, and massages.


The small Cavagrado beach is located in Succhivio, not far from the hamlet of Sant’Angelo, It's a small pebble beach set between two lava cliffs, and there are a few natural springs that bubble up from under the sea, making the water a relaxing warm temperature. You can reach the beach via a long flight of steps, but the effort is worth it as this beach is generally very quiet, has clear water, and an excellent restaurant where you can stop for lunch.

Carta Romana

Facing the Castello Aragonese on the rocks along Sant’ Anna, the Bay of Cartaromana is one of the most unique beaches on Ischia, though unfortunately is it slowly disappearing due to erosion. The area of free public beach is now very tiny, and it's easier to find a spot in one of the beach clubs or at a small hot spring spa like the Giardino dell’Eden, the Giardino delle Ninfee, or the Gardenia Mare. Thermal springs bubble up beneath the sea, and there are spots among the coastal rocks where there are natural thermal pools. There is no sun on this beach in the afternoon.

La Spiaggia dei Pescatori

This beach is located between Ischia Porto and Ischia Ponte, and was once a harbor for local fishermen. Still today there are traditional colorful fishing boats along the shore near the free public beach and the beach clubs; there are a number of fish and seafood restaurants along the beach, as well. This is the perfect spot for a quick dip before taking the ferry back to the mainland, as it is located near the port.

Spiaggia degli Inglesi

The Spiaggia degli Inglesi (English Beach) is about 800 meters from the port on Ischia towards Casamicciola Terme, in the charming hamlet of Sant’Alessandro. You can get here on foot by taking the trail from Banchina Olimpica, the pier where ferries depart.

This is not a very crowded beach, as it has few services and faces north (there is only sun here at midday). That said, it's a great beach for families with small children as the water is shallow and the sea floor is not very steep.

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Can you swim in Ischia?

Ischia island is home to numerous beaches that are perfect for swimming, whether you are a skilled swimmer or not. In some areas, there are also free thermal springs, which allow you to swim in the warm waters for free. By joining a boat tour, or chartering a private boat, you can swim and snorkel in quiet coves and other spots that can only be reached from the sea. The water temperature is pleasant from the months of May - June until October.

Are beaches in Ischia free?

The vast majority of Ischia's beaches are divided into two parts: an area equipped with bathing establishments, rental umbrellas and other paid services, and an area with completely free access, where it is possible to stay for free. Inside the main thermal parks of the island there are private beaches which can be accessed by paying the park ticket.

Are there sharks in Ischia?

Sharks dangerous to humans are not normally found in the waters of Ischia, although sightings of ventresca and other moderately aggressive species very rarely occur. Instead, it is not uncommon to spot dolphins, striped dolphins or other species of cetaceans.