Casamicciola Terme (Ischia)


Where thermal waters reign

Casamicciola Terme (Ischia)

This small town on the northern shore of the island of Ischia is famous for its abundance of thermal springs, so much so that "thermal" is part of its name.

How to Get to Casamicciola Terme

There are three ports on the Italian island of Ischia, and one is located right in the town of Casamicciola. Book a ferry or hydrofoil from Naples (Napoli) or Pozzuoli that docks directly at this port if you have booked lodgings in or near Casamicciola.
Book a ferry from Naples to Ischia

Otherwise, you can take a ferry to Ischia Porto, the main ferry port on the island, and then continue on to Casamicciola Terme via bus number 1 or 2 or by taxi (the taxi stand is located just opposite the ferry dock).

You can also embark your own vehicle on Ischia all year long, as long as you aren't a resident in the region of Campania. Just keep in mind that traffic can be heavy and parking expensive and limited in the busy summer months.

Sights in Casamicciola Terme

Given its rich thermal springs, Casamicciola is one of the top tourist destinations on the island. A number of the most important thermal spas are located here, including Pio Monte della Misericordia that once treated Naples' poor. Some of these historic thermal baths and their adjacent grand hotels were destroyed in the devastating earthquake in 1883. One of the few hotels that remain standing from before the quake is Terme Manzi Hotel & Spa, founded in 1860. After the earthquake, the town was rebuilt at a lower elevation on the Mediterranean seafront, and you can admire the Art Nouveau architecture from the beginning of the 20th century that lines Piazza Bagni and the waterfront promenade.

The Parco Termale del Castiglione

If you want to "take the waters" in Casamicciola, the best place to head is the “Parco Termale Oasi Castiglione”, or Castiglione Thermal Park. This large spa estate has ten swimming pools at a variety of temperatures, wellness treatments, a seafront, and two restaurants. Entrance is EUR 28.

Three things to do in Casamicciola

  1. Stroll on the promenade

  2. Relax in the Parco Termale del Castiglione

  3. Sample the food at “Focolare”, a restaurant in the hills

Behind Casamicciola, the Bosco della Maddalena is a pleasant pine wood where you can walk uphill to Creatio. There are a number of steam vents and small volcanic cones that open up from the thick vegetation on the forest floor.

Beaches in Casamicciola

  • Spiaggia della Marina: located along the Gulf of Naples waterfront between Casamicciola and Lacco Ameno, this beach is perfect for families with children with shallow water and fine sand.

  • Bagnitiello: a rocky beach with thermal springs located near the Parco Termale del Castiglione.

The top ten beaches on Ischia

Staying in Casamicciola Terme

Casamicciola is a lively town during the day, with a bustline promenade, restaurants, and beaches. After sunset, however, the town quiets down considerably and almost all cafés and clubs close by midnight. For this reason, the town is family friendly and a great place to relax. It has sandy beaches and mostly attracts visitors with children or those who are simply looking for a peaceful spot to recharge. There are also great hot springs and thermal water spas in the area.

Hotels in Casamicciola Terme

Restaurants in Casamicciola Terme

If you are visiting this area, stop at the “ Il Focolare” farm restaurant run by the D’Ambra family, where you can sample local specialties like the famous "coniglio all'ischitana" rabbit dish. Ask to see the wine cellar carved from the tufo stone cliff!