Shopping on Ischia

The best souvenirs from the island

Shopping on Ischia

What are some of the traditional crafts on Ischia to bring home as a souvenir?

Here is our guide to shopping on the island of Ischia

Rucolino Liqueur

The most famous artisan product from Ischia is definitely rucolino, a liqueur made with ruchetta, a type of wild arugula (rocket) that i common in the countryside of Ischia and Procida. It is made with in the same way as limoncello, but is much more bitter flavor and is generally served as a "digestivo" at the end of a meal, either on ice or at room temperature.

You can purchase a bottle at any food stop on the island, or head to l’Enoteca Perrazzo on the right bank of the port.


The perfect souvenir that takes up little luggage space, is inexpensive, and makes a great gift are the dried herbs that grow in the countryside on the island, including wild oregano and piperna (a type of wild thyme), that are quite aromatic and perfect for cooking. These are the main herbs used to prepare the iconic coniglio all’ischitana rabbit dish.


Ischia has been producing ceramic since prehistoric times, as the entire center of the island is rich in clay. The famous Coppa di Nestore, a small decorated cup dating from the 8th century BC was found here, which is one of the oldest example of a written alphabet in the world.

For excellent artisan ceramics, we recommend Franco Calise's shop in Forio, located on Via Marina near the church of San Gaetano. This is the most famous ceramic artist on the island, and his creations are displayed across the world. He has recently returned to his island home and opened a shop.