When to Visit Ischia

The tourist season on Ischia begins at Easter and lasts into mid-October. The best months to visit the island and the surrounding area are May and September, when temperatures are mild and there are fewer crowds than in July and August.

Month Temperature Average days of rain Sea temperature
January 6° - 13° 10 15°
February 6.3° - 13.4° 11 14.3°
March 7.5° - 15.2° 10 14.4°
April 9.5° - 17.8° 9 15.8°
May 13° - 22° 5 19°
June 16.8° - 26° 2 22.7°
July 19° - 28.8° 2 25.4°
August 19.4° - 29.1° 3 26.1°
September 17.3° - 26.2° 3 24.3°
October 13.7° - 21.8° 10 21.7°
November 10.2° - 17.3° 11 19.2°
December 7.5° - 14° 13 16.6°

Ischia in Spring

Spring is the most beautiful season to visit Ischia: the climate is mild, the island is lush, and the high-season crowds haven't yet arrived. If you are able to avoid the Easter holidays and national holidays on 25 April and 1 May, you can find inexpensive hotel rooms. It is a bit too cold to swim, but you can relax at the spas where there are hot springs between 28 and 40 degrees Celsius.

Spas on Ischia

This is the best time of year to explore the trails on Mount Epomeo.

Ischia in Summer

Most tourists visit Ischia in summer, especially Italians who want to spend the day on the beach and in the water along the island's coastline.

Beaches on Ischia

To escape the crowds, the best option is to rent or hire a boat to take a sail around the island or to reach the coves that are accessible only by sea.

Renting a boat on Ischia

In July and August, hotel rates reach their peak and there is heavy traffic on the roads. We don't recommend getting around by car, but instead opt for a scooter rental. Even the island's buses are overcrowded in August!

Getting Around Ischia

Ischia in Autumn

Another excellent time of year to visit Ischia is from September to mid-October. In late October, hotels, beach clubs, and outdoor restaurants close for the season. That said, Ischia is a large island with six municipalities and 65,000 residents, so it is vibrant all year round unlike villages like Positano or the island of Capri.

Fall is a great season to visit the island's towns, take a hike through the countryside, or the final swim of the season.

Ischia in Winter

Winter is not the ideal season to visit Ischia, but it's also not completely quiet on the island. There are thousands of residents who live here all year round, and restaurants and other businesses stay open 12 months a year.

The biggest problem with visiting in winter is that the seas can be choppy and ferries are often cancelled. Hydrofoils are the first routes suspended in case of inclement weather, but even regular ferries are sometimes unable to depart.

You can sometimes swim on Ischia in winter, taking advantage of the hot springs in Sorgeto or the fumaroles at Maronti. Otherwise, visit the Argonese castle, the villages, and Mount Epomeo.

Hotels often offer special packages for stays of a few days; choose a hotel with a spa as the island's larger thermal baths are closed in winter.

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