Forio d'Ischia


The largest town on the island

Forio d'Ischia
Forio d'Ischia
Forio d'Ischia
Forio d'Ischia
Forio d'Ischia

Forio di Ischia is the largest and most populated of the six main towns on the Italian island of Ischia and is set on the western coast. There are almost 18,000 residents and the port has direct ferry connections to Naples (Napoli).

Forio is a favorite among visitors to the island both for the beauty of its beaches (including the famous Baia di Citara) and for its charming historic center with noble palazzi, art shops, and small artisan boutiques. Considered the cultural heart of the island, Forio Ischia is full of artisan and art workshops, and there are a number of cultural events held here each summer.

How to Get to Forio d'ischia

Forio has a harbor where ferries from Naples' Beverello port dock all year round. This ferry is the easiest way to reach Forio d'Ischia, of course, but you can also take a ferry from locations like Capri, Positano, or Amalfi to one of the other ports on the island (Ischia Porto or Casamicciola) and then reach Forio by land from there.
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If you arrive via Ischia Porto or Casamicciola Terme, you can take either the bus route to the right or left to Forio and other locations on the island of Ischia, including Ischia Ponte (home to the Aragonese Castle), Lacco Ameno, Sant'Angelo, etc.
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You can also arrive at the Forio port via ferry with your own car (residents of Campania can't embark vehicles in spring or summer). Keep in mind that the island has heavy traffic and limited parking in high season, so you may want to leave your car on the mainland.

Sights in Forio

One of the main sights in Forio is La Mortella Gardens, a “garden museum” created by the English Walton family and opened to the public in 1990. There are more than 3000 species of plants on the estate, some exotic and rare, and a number of fountains and ponds. Concerts are often held on the grounds in summer.

Forio is known for its sunsets over the sea, best seen from the terrace in front of the Chiesa del Soccorso. If you're lucky, you can even spot the rare “green ray” as the sun dips below the horizon.

Another top attraction in Forio is the famous Giardini Poseidon, one of the most popular thermal parks on Ischia. You can spend an entire day here relaxing in the thermal water pools, springs, and on the Citara beach.

The Bay of Sorgeto, located in the nearby hamlet of Panza, has hot springs that bubble up directly under the seafloor, so you can soak in a mix of hot spring water and cool sea water here for free, one of the most unique experiences on the island.

One of the must-sees in Forio is the clutch of Saracen watchtowers built along the coastline centuries ago. The most famous is the Torrione, but there are others that have stood over the Bay of Naples throughout history, though they were not enough to stop the Dragut raids.

Forio is also home to a number of historic churches, including the Chiesa del Soccorso, Santa Maria di Visitapoveri, and the Papal Basilica of San Vito Martire, known by locals simply as the Church of San Vito.

Three things to do in Forio

  1. Visit La Mortella Gardens

  2. Relax at the Parco Termale Giardini Poseidon spa

  3. Admire the sunset from the Chiesa del Soccorso

The Beaches at Forio

Forio has large sandy beaches that are sunny until dusk.

  • Spiaggia di Citara: considered the most beautiful beach on the island, and home to the Giardini di Poseidon.

  • Cava dell'Isola: a free public beach popular with kids.

  • San Francesco: a large beach with beach clubs, bars, and restaurants.

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Should I stay in Forio?

Together with Ischia Porto, Forio is one of the most vibrant and busy towns on the island, with beautiful beaches that are easy to access, tourist attractions, and ample dining and imbibing opportunities.

This town is ideal for:

  • Families with children of all ages, from tots to teens

  • Couples looking for an active holiday with days at the beach, excursions, hot springs, and walks

Hotels in Forio d'Ischia

Dining in Forio

  • La cantina di Zio Jack: an excellent farm restaurant outside of town that offers shuttle service (call to request). Try the pasta e patate con provola!

  • Umberto a Mare: the perfect spot for a romantic dinner on the seaside beneath the Chiesa del Soccorso.

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Giardini La Mortella: hours, tickets and prices

Open: from April to October Tues, Thurs, Sat, Sun 9 to 7PM. Also open Easter Monday, 1 May, and 1 November.
Tickets: EUR 12 for adults; EUR 10 for children 12 to 18 and adults over 70; EUR 7 children 6 to 11i; free for children under 5.