Public Hot Springs on Ischia

Soak for free in these public hot springs

Public Hot Springs on Ischia
Public Hot Springs on Ischia

You may be surprised to learn that on Ischia, you can soak in hot thermal springs like a Roman emperor… without spending a cent.

Here's where you can find the best free hot springs on Ischia.

Ischia's Public Hot Springs

There are a number of spots on the island of Ischia where thermal springs bubble up naturally from underground, and anyone can stop by to relax and soak in the warm water.


These are the most famous natural hot springs on Ischia, located on the Bay of Sorgeto on the island's southern coast near the Bay of Sant’Angelo.

Getting to Sorgeto

On foot: take the stairs (around 250 steps) from the hamlet of Panza (outside the town of Forio).
By boat: take a taxi boat from Sant’Angelo for about EUR 6/person (discount rate for children).

Sorgeto is a small bay with rocks, pebbles, and pools of hot water. There are vents of hot spring water that come up through the sea floor, mixing with the cooler salt water to form warm currents and pools among the coastal rocks with temperatures between 30 and 37 degrees.

Due to these hot water springs under the waves, you can bathe in the Bay of Sorgeto even in the winter months. In summer, you'll find bathers relaxing in the hot pools by moonlight.

A Cocktail in the Baths

In the summer months, the cafè/restaurant along the bay offers an especially indulgent service, carrying drinks to customers directly in the hot spring pools. Your aperitivo is served on a floating tray so you can imbibe while soaking your cares away, or even snack on the island's famous fried fish and seafood. It doesn't get any better than this!

The restaurant here is excellent, and a popular spot for dinner under the stars!


  • This bay can be very crowded during summer days, and it may be hard to find a spot to soak in the warm pools. Stop by in late afternoon, when there are fewer visitors and the sun not as strong. It is possible to rent an umbrella and a sunbed at the bar.

  • Be sure to bring beach shoes or sandals, as the rocks along the shore are hot and slippery.

  • It can be a challenge to take on the 250 steps, so consider hopping on a water taxi from Sorgeto that only costs EUR 5/person.

Le Fumarole

“Le Fumarole” is a small beach on Ischia's southern coast that has hot steam vents that rise up from the floor and beneath the sand, which can be boiling hot in places. Visitors here like to bury themselves in the warm sand, said to be naturally therapeutic. There are a number of restaurants and cafès near the beach for a snack or meal.

Getting to the Fumarole

Le Fumarole is at the far end of the Maronti beach near Sant’Angelo. You can easily reach this stretch of sand on foot by taking the path between Maronti and Sant’Angelo, about a 10-minute walk.


  • It can be uncomfortably hot to be on this beach in the summer, so visit as the sun goes down and relax in the hot sands by moonlight.

  • The steam vents under the beach reach such high temperatures that food can be cooked by burying it (well-wrapped in foil) under the scorching sand. Bring potatoes, eggs, whole chickens, or any other food that can be baked in foil, dig a small hole on a spot where the sand is hot, place your food at the bottom and cover it back up. Wait a short while, and dinner is served!

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