The Giardini Poseidon Spa on Ischia

The largest spa on the island

  • The Giardini Poseidon Spa on Ischia
  • The Giardini Poseidon Spa on Ischia
  • The Giardini Poseidon Spa on Ischia
  • The Giardini Poseidon Spa on Ischia
  • The Giardini Poseidon Spa on Ischia
  • The Giardini Poseidon Spa on Ischia

The Giardini Poseidon spa is in the Bay of Citara, and with 20 thermal pools on six hectares of terraced grounds, it is the largest thermal spa on the island of Ischia.


  • Hours: 9 am to 7 pm
  • Seasonal opening: from 14 April to 31 October
  • Tickets: EUR 35

Included in the entrance fee: access to 20 pools, the beach, the Japanese soaking tub, and the sauna, as well as use of the sun beds and deck chairs and showers. A deposit of EUR 5 must be left for the bracelet and you can rent towels and robes. You can also rent a private cabin to leave your belongings for EUR 7.


  • 0-3 years: free
  • 4-11 year: EUR 17.50

Children up to 12 cannot enter the thermal park, but can use the beach and the three sea-water swimming pools.

Pets are not allowed
Swim caps are required (sold at the spa).
Multi-day packages are available.
The park has a wheelchair-accessible path and some pools are accessible via lift.
Booking ahead is not required.

With 20 pools between 28 and 40 degrees, Poseidon is the largest spa on Ischia. It is also home to three sea-water pools, a steam grotto, a large sand beach, and a massage and treatment center. As opposed to Negombo, the Giardini Poseidon is largely flat, so a good choice for those who have trouble taking on stairs.

  • The Giardini Poseidon Spa on Ischia

Restaurants and Bars

Inside Giardini Poseidon, there are three restaurants:

  • Il Fauno: a full-service restaurants with hot and cold dishes, pasta, meat, and fish
  • Caffè a Mare, specialized in salads and juices
  • Grotta del Vino: bruschetta, cheeses, and cold cuts served with wine

The Spring Waters

The waters at Giardini Poseidon are thermal hot springs with saline-bromine-iodine characteristics that are therapeutic for skeletal issues, arthritis, eczema, and skin issues.

Getting to Giardini Poseidon

Car or scooter: follow the signs to Forio and then for “Giardini Poseidon”: there is a large park with a guarded parking lot. Parking all day costs EUR 5 for cars and EUR 3 for scooters.
Bus: take the 2 bus to the final stop on the Bay of Citara, 100 meters from the entrance.
Taxi: the fare from Ischia Porto is around EUR 30.


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