Ischia Map

The island of Ischia has six municipalities.
It stretches 46 square kilometers and has 80 kilometers of roadway.
With 65,000 residents, it is the most poulated of the Italian islands after Sardinia and Sicily.

The main road circles the entire island along the coast, and the center of the island is dominated by Mount Epomeo.

The most populated area is the northern coastline, where Casamicciola, Ischia Porto, and Forio are located. This is the most developed side of the island, where the southern coastline is wilder. The north of the island is also where most of the ports are located.

Most of the inhabited parts of the island are rather flat, except for Mount Epomeo, and there are long stretches of sandy beach along the coastline.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

How large is Ischia?

Ischia is a large island off the coast of Naples, Italy. It is approximately 7 miles long and 3 miles wide, with a total area of about 10 square miles. Ischia is home to several towns and villages, including Ischia Porto, Sant'Angelo, Forio, and Lacco Ameno. The island's highest point is Mount Epomeo, which rises to over 2,000 feet above sea level.

Is Ischia on the Amalfi Coast?

Ischia is an island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, off the coast of Naples in Italy. It is the largest of the three islands in the Bay of Naples, along with Capri and Procida. Ischia is part of the Campania region, which also includes the cities of Naples and Salerno. The Amalfi Coast, a stretch of coastline on the Gulf of Salerno, is located just south of Ischia and includes the towns of Amalfi, Positano, and Ravello. While Ischia is not technically part of the Amalfi Coast, it is often grouped with these other towns due to its proximity and similar features.

How long does it take to get around Ischia?

Though Ischia is only about 20 miles around, it can take quite a while to get from one side of the island to the other. This is because Ischia is very hilly, and the roads are often windy and narrow. In addition, there is only one main road that circles the entire island, so traffic can be heavy during peak times. The best way to get around Ischia is by taxi or bus. Taxis are readily available, and the bus system is reliable and efficient. However, if you really want to see the island at your own pace, it is best to rent a scooter or car. Ischia is a beautiful island with plenty to see and do, so take your time and enjoy your stay!

What is the airport for Ischia?

Ischia is an island off the coast of Naples, in southern Italy. The closest airport to Ischia is Naples International Airport, more commonly known as Capodichino airport. Ischia can be reached by ferry or hydrofoil from Naples, and the journey takes about an hour. Private transfer to Ischia are also available from Rome and Milan. Ischia Porto is the main port on the island, and it is where the majority of visitors arrive.

Is Ischia bigger than Capri?

Ischia is one of the three main islands in the Bay of Naples, along with Capri and Procida. It is the largest island in the bay and is actually quite a bit bigger than Capri. Ischia covers an area of about 46 square miles, while Capri only covers about 14 square miles. Ischia is also more populous than Capri, with a population of over 60,000 people. So, if you're looking for a more lively island experience, Ischia is probably a better choice than Capri.
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