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The beating heart of Ischia

  • Ischia Porto
  • Ischia Porto
  • Ischia Porto
  • Ischia Porto
  • Ischia Porto
  • Ischia Porto

Ischia is the largest of the six towns on the island of Ischia, and is divided into two smaller villages: Ischia Porto and Ischia Ponte, separated by a length of road a couple of kilometers long. Ischia Porto is, as its name suggests, where the port is located and the island's ferry hub. This is the busiest town on the island, and where most restaurants, cafès, bars, shops, and tourist services are located.

Three things to do in Ischia Porto

  1. Have a cocktails at Riva Destra
  2. Shop on Via Roma
  3. Send the night dancing and have breakfast at Bar Calise

Ischia Porto is recommended for those who are looking for a lively nightlife and a place to take a walk, dine, or have a cocktail in the evening. It is also the most convenient location for those who need to get around the island by bus, as there is the main terminal where routes for towns and destinations across the island depart. By boarding the bus here at the beginning of the line, you'll be more likely to find a seat (bus schedules on Ischia).

Walking around Ischia Porto

Ischia's youth gather at la Rive Droite, or the port's right bank, for a cocktail come sundown. Along the pier, there are a number of bars and clubs where you can stop for a drink or aperitivo.

Continue to Via Roma and Corso Colonna, which closes to traffic in the evening, lined with shops and boutiques that stay open until late so you can browse for artisan wares and souvenirs after dinner. There are also a number of cafès and bars with al fresco tables streetside and live music along this stretch of road.

Dining in Ischia Porto

There are a number of restaurants in this area. Our favorites are:

  • Dai Tu: fish restaurant along the Lido
  • Terrazza Mimì: restaurant on the riva destra

The few nightclubs on Ischia are also located along this stretch, including Valentino Club. After dancing the night away, the traditional calls for breakfast at bar Calise, where the croissant is an island icon.

Beaches in Ischia Porto

Ischia Porto is most famous for its shops, bars, and restaurants, but there are also a number of sandy beaches with beach clubs and crystalline water, despite the proximity to the port.

  • Spiaggia del Lido: behind Via Roma, this is the closest beach to the port and has sand and shallow water. Restaurants and beach clubs line the waterfront.
  • Spiaggia dei Pescatore: halfway between Ischia Porto and Ischia Ponte.
  • Spiaggia degli Inglesi: near the charming village of Sant’Alessando toward Casamicciola.

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