Lacco Ameno (Ischia) Map

The smallest town on Ischia

  • Lacco Ameno (Ischia)
  • Lacco Ameno (Ischia)
  • Lacco Ameno (Ischia)
  • Lacco Ameno (Ischia)

Lacco Ameno is located between Casamicciola and Forio, and is the smallest town on the island. That said, this tiny spot is the birthplace of Ischia's modeern luxury tourism.
In the 1950s, Italian publisher Angelo Rizzoli fell in love with Lacco Ameno, and made the 18th-century Villa Arbusto his island residence. He immediately understood the area's potential for tourism, and built Ischia's first luxury hotel here, the Regina Isabella. This resort with a private beach, pool, restaurant, and spa was the model for future spa grand hotels in other areas of the island, and soon the international jet set began to discover the charms of Ischia, for decades overshadowed by the neighboring hot spot of Capri.

Three things to do in Lacco Ameno

  1. Soak in the thermal baths at the Parco Termale del Negombo
  2. Take an evening stroll along Corso Angelo Rizzoli
  3. Swim in the breathtaking Bay of San Montano

On the main square of Lacco Ameno, you can visit the Church of Santa Restituta, patron saint of the island. The waterfront promenade is also lovely, and on summer nights is bustling with shops, restaurants, and cafès playing live music.

"The Mushroom"

Just offshore, a tufa stone formation rises 10 meters above water, created by the volcanic activity of Mount Epomeo and cooled by the sea in a unique mushroom shape.

Villa Arbusto and the Coppa di Nestore

Villa Arbusto was built in the 18th century and purchased in 1952 by the publisher Angelo Rizzoli. Today the villa houses a museum with a collection of archaeological finds dating from the neolithic to Roman times that were unearthed in this area. The most important is the “Coppa di Nestore”, one of the most ancient existing examples of writing using the alphabet, dating from the eighth century BC.

  • Open Tuesday to Sunday, 9:30 to 1:30.
  • Closed Monday
  • Tickets: EUR 5.

The Beaches in Lacco Ameno

  • Bay of San Montano: a half-moon-shaped bay lined by fine sand, part of which is included in the Negombo Gardens.
  • Monache or Varulo: accessible only via sea, and located behind the marina in Lacco Ameno.

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Dining in Lacco Ameno

O' Pignatello: an elegant restaurant on the main street in Lacco Ameno.
Trattoria Casa Colonica: inside the Negombo Park, serving traditional dishes on a colorful terrace.

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