Sant'Angelo and Serrara Fontana (Ischia)

Sant’Angelo is perhaps the most famous and picturesque village on Ischia, though it is not its own town but instead a suburb of Serrara Fontana on the southern coast of Ischia. This town is unique in that it doesn't have a true center but is a grouping of a number of villages like Serrara, Fontana, and a smattering of other hamlets along this stretch of coastline.

Three Things to Do in Serrara Fontana

  • Explore the village of Sant’Angelo
  • Admire the view from the overlooks in Serrara
  • Try "coniglio all’ischitana" at the Bracconiere restaurant


The village of Sant’Angelo with its tufa rock islet known as “La Torre” is one of the most famous views on Ischia. This area has always been a bit isolated from the rest of the island, and the main industry here has always been fishing rather than agriculture, which covers most of Ischia. The tourism here is a bit different as well, with nicer hotels and a more relaxed atmosphere, mostly thanks to the center of Sant’Angelo that is completely pedestrian and closed to traffic.

Sant’Angelo is divided into two parts: the higher part is home to the Church of San Michele Arcangelo and narrow lanes, and the lower part has the marina and boardwalk, main square, and “La Torre”, a tiny tufa stone islet attached to Sant’Angelo by a narrow stretch of land.

The Serrara Fontana Scenic Overlook

There are beautiful views from this side of the island, especially from the Piazza di Serrara scenic overlook, a large terrace facing the sea where you can relax over a coffee or drink far from the tourist crowds.

Mount Epomeo

From the square in Fontana, you can take the shortest path to reach the peak of Mount Epomeo, the ancient volcano at the center of Ischia. It takes about an hour to hike through the chestnut woods and wild countryside to reach the top, where there are a few ruins of ancient cliff constructions like the Eremo di San Nicola. The views are stunning, stretching from the Bay of Naples to the islands of Ventotene and Ponza on clear days.

Saddle Up!
Another way to reach the peak of Mount Epomeo is on horseback. You can contact the “Epomeo in Sella” association for a guided excursion on horseback along the slopes of the mountain for a unique way to explore. Information and reservations: +39 333 2521882 -

The Beaches of Serrara Fontana

  • Cavagrado: a tiny, quiet beach near the village of Succhivo
  • Sant'Angelo: the town's beach is particularly suitable for families with small children, as the waters are shallow and there is a breakwater for waves.
  • Fumarole: at the far end of the Maronti beach near Sant'Angelo, there is a beach known for its fumarole, or hot air vents that come up through the sand.

The top ten beaches on Ischia

Where to Dine in Serrara Fontana

  • Il Bracconiere: famous for its traditional coniglio all'Ischitana, the island's classic rabbit dish!