Boat tours Ischia

Day trips, tours, and charters by boat from Ischia

Boat tours Ischia

A day on board a boat while vacationing on Ischia is one of the most unforgettable experiences the island can offer. In the summer months, it's also a great way to escape the tourist crowds that take over the beaches and to explore nearby locations like the islands of Capri and Procida or the Amalfi Coast.

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Options for spending time at sea off Ischia:

  • Organized boat tours around the island

  • Water taxi rides

  • Private boat rentals/charters with a skipper

  • Private boat rentals without a skipper

Boat Tours around Ischia

On Ischia, there are a number of boat tour companies that offer itineraries around the island's coast.

Alcione Boat
This tour takes passengers by a large boat around the entire coast of the island to admire sights like the Castello Aragonese, Bays of Citara and San Montano, Grotta del Mago, tiny coves, and luxury villas built on the coastal cliffs by sea. Lunch on board and stops for swimming.

Departure: Forio
Duration: 6-7-hours
Price: from EUR 70

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Water Taxi Service - Ischia

Water taxis are often the fastest and most convenient way to travel between coastal locations on the island of Ischia, especially waterfront restaurants or beaches that are otherwise only accessible via long and challenging hiking trails.

There are two water taxi companies on the island, located in Ischia Ponte and Sant’Angelo. Both offer trips to the beach for between EUR 3 and 10/person, depending on the distance. They also offer private boat tours of the island for prices beginning at around EUR 200 for groups of up to 6 passengers.

Water taxis only run in the summer from 1 April to 31 October, weather permitting.

Private Boat Tours, Rentals, and Charters with a Skipper

If you'd like to take a private boat tour with a skipper to explore Ischia at your own pace and stop whenever the fancy strikes to swim or spend time on the beach, you have a number of options.

Each port on Ischia has a few boat rental agencies, offering trips around Ischia or excursions further afield to Procida, Capri, or even the Amalfi Coast. All include an expert skipper and different sized boats to fit your group.

Boat Rentals without a Skipper

Another option for exploring Ischia by boat is to rent a boat without a skipper, which you can do from agencies offering small rubber dinghies or wooded gozzo boats at the ports. You do not need a boating license, though some experience is highly recommended, and you can circle the island or head to neighboring Procida.

We strongly suggest renting a boat without skipper only if you have experience at sea, as there are a number of boats and ferries that navigate the waters around Ischia in the summer, and the seas tend to get choppy in the afternoon.