How to Get Around Ischia


Ischia quite a large island: 46 square meters of land, with 80 kilometers of roads and six municipalities. To drive around the entire island, it takes about 1.5 hours. You will have to get around by public transport or your own vehicle to visit the entire island.

Here are our tips for getting around the island of Ischia.

How to Get around Ischia by Bus

The bus routes on Ischia are run by the EAV company and connect most locations on the island. The main lines are the CS (Circolare Sinistra) and the CD (Circolare Destra) that circle the island clockwise and counterclockwise.

The bus terminal where all route depart is in Ischia Porto, a small lot just a few steps from the ferry arrival pier. You can purchase tickets and request information here. You can also purchase tickets in a number of locations around the island, including newspaper stands and cigarette shops. Most hotels also sell bus tickets. Otherwise, buy your tickets on board for an extra fee.

Ischia Bus Ticket Prices

  • Single ride: 1.50
  • On board: 2.00
  • 100-minute ticket: 1.80
  • Daily pass: 4.50
  • Weekly pass: 15.50
  • Monthly pass: 33.60

Children under six travel free; small and medium dogs with a muzzle and leash are also allowed on board.

How to Get around Ischia by Car

You can bring your car on Ischia all year round if you are not a resident in the region of Campania. It's convenient to have a car to explore the island, though there is heavy traffic in the summer.

Parking is also hard to find, and abundant only in quiet areas like Barano and Serrara Fontana. In the larger towns, you will need to park in pay lots (around EUR 2/hour).

Ischia Car Rental

You can rent a car on Ischia to visit the island, but we only recommend this option in low and shoulder seasons as during the months of July and August the roads can be snarled with traffic and parking can be hard to find. There are a number of car rental agencies located at the port on Ischia. Rental rates begin at about EUR 40/day, and you can find discounted rates for longer rental periods.

How to Get around Ischia by Scooter

Getting around Ischia by rental scooter is one of the easiest ways to explore the island in complete freedom without getting caught in high-season traffic.

Scooter Rental Ischia

There are scooter rental agencies located across the island of Ischia and you do not need to book ahead of time. We do recommend renting a scooter on Ischia only if you have some previous experience, as it can be tricky to navigate the heavy car and scooter traffic, pedestrians, and bumpy roads. Rental scooters on Ischia can fit two people (driver and passenger) and you must wear a helmet (included in many rentals). Scooter rental rates on Ischia begin at about EUR 20/day.

Is Ischia Safe?

Yes, the island of Ischia - like all the islands in the Bay of Naples - is very safe and there there is little petty crime. The biggest danger you may encounter on the island are small landslides that sometimes block the rural roads, but these are always well-marked by signs and are most prevalent in winter when the island gets a significant amount of rain.

How to Get around Ischia by Taxi

Taxis are everywhere on Ischia, and there are also "Calessini", or traditional tuk-tuks transformed into charming island taxis. You can hire one to take you around the entire island or to be used like a regular taxi.

Routes and Fares

  • From Ischia Porto to Ischia Ponte: €10.00
  • From Ischia Porto to Casamicciola: €15.00
  • From Ischia Porto tp Lacco Ameno: €20.00
  • From Ischia Porto to Forio: €30.00
  • From Ischia Porto to Sant'Angelo: €40.00
  • Tour of the island: €80.00

Taxi Company Phone Numbers

  • Ischia: 081992550
  • Casamicciola: 081900369
  • Lacco Ameno: 081995183
  • Forio: 081997367
  • Sant’Angelo: 081999899

Is Ischia expensive?

Ischia is not expensive compared to the nearby island of Capri or the Amalfi Coast. You'll find lower rates for hotels, restaurants, bars, and other services here than other destinations in the Bay of Naples.

How to Get around Ischia by Boat

Water taxis are also a great solution to get around quickly between beaches. They leave from Ischia Ponte, Sant'Angelo, and Maronti and can drop you off at beaches that are only accessible via sea. They are often less expensive than a regular land taxi to get around the island's coastline!

Routes and Fares for Water Taxis (per person, one way)

From Ischia Ponte

  • Baia di Cartaromana: €4.00
  • Scarrupata: €13.00
  • Maronti: €15.00

From Sant'Angelo

  • Cavascura: €3.00
  • Sorgeto: €5.00
  • La Scannella: €10.00

From Maronti's Beaches

  • Cavascura: €2.50
  • Sant’Angelo: €3.00
  • Sorgeto: €8.00

The average price for a boat tour around the island by private boat is around €200.

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